Women Must Know the Right Dosage and Cycles to Get That Fat Free Energized Body

There are fat cutters and muscle builders that are used by athletes for giving structure to their own body. These compounds that help in building muscle mass or cut fat of the body to make it leaner are often used by body builders and athletes only. The performance of these sportsmen gets better with the use of such compounds. The substances that are used are chemicals that can enhance the work that they do to the body due to a high dose in which it is taken. When compared to other such compounds – Clenbuterol helps in earning fitness for women in a stronger way. You should therefore turn to this wonder potion if you are a woman and want fast burner for the fat.3Cycles and dosage for women

The compound is named Clenbuterol and in short it is often mentioned as Clen. The work done by Clen for burning fat for men and for women is almost same. The difference lies in different cycles than what is used by mento get similar results. Women use it for three months and never in a continuous cycle. The cycle for women is good when they take it for 2 weeks and then go off for a period of 2 weeks. The starting should be with 20 mcg and then they boost it upto 30 mcg. Men should start with 40 mcg as starting point and can go upto 100 mcg in a day.

Bronchodilator with increased metabolism

You would like to know more about Clen. It is actually a bronchodilator that was used with patients who had respiratory issues. This issue was taken care of by increasing metabolism and hence losing of weight is normal. When the dose is increased – the metabolism increases in proportion and the weight loss curve becomes sharper. The compound when taken in a higher dose also increases the temperature of the body.

Appetite suppressing gives low calorie intake

The compound helps women in suppressing the feeling of hunger. This makes it easier to resist any craving for tasty food. The suppression of appetite simplifies the job of getting leaner and of burning fat when you take in lesser calories. This gives a woman less fat contents to shed while working out. You can also tone your muscles using any HGH or human growth hormone for acquiring a fit and well chiseled body. There is Anavar that is gentle and can give you a better set of toned body muscles.

Side effects on women

There are no androgenic effects for women when you take Clen but there are some other results when you take Clenbuterol as a regular aid. You should know the required dose and never go beyond it. Overdose or abusing of Clen can be disturbing for your peace of mind. You may think of the other side effects that you may experience when you start taking this compound. High blood pressure and increase in stress are other side effects. If you have high pressure of blood flow – then you must consult your physician before starting with Clen. You should therefore opt for different cycles than what is used by men and keep to your recommended dose for that sharp and lean body that you desire.